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What the heck is this community?

Capspam = me spamming you with Supernatural screencaps. Because I wanted an outlet to be crazy about Winchesters even more often without worrying about driving my flist bonkers, and without feeling guilty about not posting anything substantial along side those two somewhat decent looking schmactors. Sometimes you just want to toss caps out in to the world and yell "LOOKIT!", you know?

Are you going to stretch my layout and post a hundred times a day?

No. Unless you have an exceptionally thin layout. Images will go under a LJ cut if they are larger than 450px wide, and/or if there are more than two of them. And I probably won't post more than once a day maximum anyway, 'cause who has more time on their hands than that?

What about spoilers!?

I'm considering the first four seasons to be fair game, but I may cut big plotty moments anyway because I'm just a spoilerphobe like that. S5 caps will be put under a LJ cut until one week after the episode airs in the US, and any plotty S5 reveals will be cut for the entire season.

Can I take these caps and repost them in my own journal, and chop them up in to icons?

Please don't. I know it sounds (is?) nuts, but I do colour these suckers lovingly. I will always provide the originals, though. Feel free to start from scratch and go to town on those.

Stylesheet by minty_peach. Tweaked by me.